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Central Illinois Chapter of the International Facility Management Association:

"Many people hire an outside firms to use a soap bucket and a squeegee to clean their front door once a week because they do not have time, the equipment, or the knowledge to do it themselves. The "front door" to any business or organization is the first impression. Customers, clients, and interested people instantly gain a lot of impressions from the front door of your organization. Tim and Cindy Mrva of Studio 902 are professional website and business impression managers who design websites for customers that help keep your "front door" a place people are invited to!

If you are not satisfied with your website and desire to knock the socks off all other websites, Tim and Cindy Mrva are a click or call away. I have been very pleased with our new website and invite you to visit it at your convenience.

This is the day of computer impressions and information presentations. Why not make yours people tell others about!"

Jack Moody, CFM Former President, Central Illinois Chapter of IFMA - International Facility Management Association.

Kudos On the Website!

The audio recording you are hearing is a message Mr. Jack Moody (then President of the Central Illinois Chapter of the International Facilities Management Association) left for us. He called me following his attendance at facilities Conference which their chapter organized. People from all over Central Illinois attended it. They used the CCIC-IFMA website to learn about the event and to register and pay for it using the tools we built for them. Apparently many were quite impressed:

Atherton Enterprises – Bulk Water Delivery  - Website built in December 2010

“….We did over 650,000 gallons of water last year which was a 23% increase from the year before.  We are excited to see what happens this year!” June Atherton, May 1 2012

“….Thank you so much for giving us the ability to promote our business on the web!!!  We wouldn’t be able to have it without your help!” June Atherton, August 7, 2012

Greg Knutson Handyman Services 7/1/13

"Tim and Cindy Mrva of Studio902 Web Solutions are people that know their stuff. If you need any updates to your web sites this is the couple to do the work. They are very honest people to do the work for you.  I had a web site that was out of date and nobody could tell me how to get into it! Everyone just wanted to build a new one for me.  The company that built my first site 4 years ago for me never gave me the time of day once he got his money.  But Tim at Studio902 took the time to show me everything he did right down to the last letter. Even when I had no idea what he was doing he stopped and explained it to me ‘till I got it.  My only regret I have is that I wish I had met him back then.  I will gladly use Studio902 from now on.  They are very pleasant to work with.  For all your web needs you need not look any further than Studio902.  I give them an A+ for the work – they went over and above what I wanted done – they did an outstanding job.  I only can say that if you don’t use Studio902  then you may be settling for second best!"

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Sue Holtgrewe, Director – AZ Furry Friends Rescue Foundation

“Tim and Cindy Mrva of Studio 902 Web Solutions have been wonderful in upgrading and maintaining our website.  Their suggestions have had great results, and they have introduced us to a whole new world of analytics from our site.  They are very professional, punctual with their services, and their computer and web knowledge is very proficient.  I would highly recommend them for all your website needs.”