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SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Without going into a lot of detail, SSL is a protocol which creates an encrypted connection between your website and your visitors’ computers. This establishes a trust that the website is secure and that information entered on the site will not be intercepted or compromised. While SSL Certificates may not prevent websites from being hacked, any information accessed by hackers is rendered unintelligible and useless by the strong encryption the protocol provides. To communicate over a secure connection, websites need an SSL Certificate. Adding SSL to your website can help it in search rankings as Google has already begun penalizing websites that are considered less secure than those of their competitors.

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Website Security

In this age of cyber-attacks and the proliferation of online threats, defending your website is more important than ever. To keep your web investment clean and secure, you need to be shielded from hackers and the malware they use to compromise your website. Studio902’s Website Security provides advanced security monitoring, blacklist monitoring and removal, brand reputation monitoring, malware removal and a trusted site seal.

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Code Signing Certificates

Most people who use the Internet have already benefitted from Code Signing Certificates without even realizing it. Code Signing Certificates provide the means for IT developers to digitally sign their software before distributing it over the web. It adds a layer of security which assures the authenticity of executable content, verifies the publishers identity, prevents software tampering and promotes trust by giving users the assurance that the content is authentic and it’s source is trustworthy. Create customer confidence by adding Studio902’s Code Signing Certificate to your software or other downloadable content.
Driver Signing Certificates, also available from Studio902 Web Solutions, provides similar protection for device drivers. Required for all hardware drivers, Windows Vista and later, it eliminates security warnings during download and installation.

Protect Your Business

Studio902 Web Solutions is proud to offer you these additional Products & Services through these trusted outside sources which we use ourselves both personally and for our business. We know if you take a few moments and review what they have to offer you, personally and for your business, you will definitely want to make them a part of your business and your personal life.

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Identity Theft Monitoring & Recovery

idshield logoIncidents of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud are on the rise and we don’t know anyone who has not been concerned that “someday” they might become a victim of this egregious crime. Many people believe that ID Theft Monitoring and Protection is too expensive for them to afford but the reality is that, even if you have no credit cards and even if you try to keep a low profile online, identity thieves can still ruin your life by accessing medical records, your drivers license and your home loan information and assume your identity, doing nefarious deeds in your name and ruining your reputation. In many cases, the effect of this kind of crime is that the victim is “guilty until proven innocent” – not the other way around.
This is where IDShield comes in – it’s an integral part of the third “P” of our Core Disciplines – “Protect” – because the owners of Studio902 Web Solutions offer proactive preventative services through this industry leader in Identity Theft Monitoring and Protection which provides Identity Restoration by Kroll, a top cybersecurity firm with licensed private investigators who work directly with you to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity to pre-theft conditions.

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Legal Services

legalshield logoMost people think that having an attorney available any time you need one is a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, but nothing could be further from the truth. What if you had access to an attorney for the everyday stuff that happens in life in that is expensive, frustrating and time-consuming? Have you ever signed a contract you wish you hadn’t, received a traffic violation, been treated unfairly, had a child custody or support issue, been overcharged for a repair, been unable to return a defective item or receive a security deposit when vacating an apartment? Have you ever been audited, had trouble getting a company to honor a warranty, had an insurance company deny a claim, been through a divorce or had a mortgage or foreclosure issue? What about your business? Have you EVER had a business question but didn’t get it answered because you thought it would be too expensive to get the answer or have a contract reviewed or ANY OTHER business question? ALL of these issues – and hundreds more – are things that happen to people all the time but the belief that justice is out of reach for the average person is simply untrue!
Studio902 Web Solutions’ answer to the last piece of the third “P” of our core disciplines – “Protect” is Legal Shield. We use it every day to protect us in our personal and business lives and believe in it as the answer to giving every business and person economical access to the legal services they need to protect themselves from the risks that occur in life and business. Legal Shields affordable solution to the broken legal system in the United States provides the peace of mind that we have someone in our corner when we need help, and it can do this for you, too.

Are You Protected?

Protection comes in many forms. A little green “lock” icon in your customers’ browser address bar gives them confidence that their personal information won’t be compromised. Website Security products keep hackers from compromising your website and code signing certificates provide authentication for people who download software or device drivers you have created. Identity Theft Monitoring and Recovery is an excellent hedge against having your Identity Stolen and having an attorney on call gives a person the confidence that someone has your back. Are YOU protected? If not, act now – follow the links above – before you or your customers become victims.


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