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Domain Registration

A domain name is the unique online identity that YOU choose for your website. It not only represents your brand and message but it’s also a memorable way for people to find the resources that comprise your website. Your domain name plus its extension comprises your web address (otherwise known as your “URL”). Top level domain extensions could be .com, .net., .org or others.

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Web Hosting

Domain Hosting, or simply “Hosting” is the business of setting up a place (typically on an internet server) where the documents and files which comprise your website are stored. The hosting server then serves up the web pages to visitors to your site, Your web address (URL) directs visitors to your stored content, allowing them to interact with your site. Without Hosting, your website would not exist.

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WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a Web-publishing platform for creating a blog or a website (or both). Recognized all over the world, it is scalable from a small blog to a massive commercial website with hundreds of pages – and everything in-between. Our Managed WordPress Hosting carries a suite of special features tailored to the WordPress platform (which is included with the Hosting Package) so you can build your website without separate web authoring software.

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Website Builder

For the business owner or personal website owner who doesn’t want to learn WordPress or hire a high-priced Web Design Boutique to construct their website, there’s Studio902’s Website Builder. With it, you can create a professional website using our library of stunning templates, simple drag-and-drop tools and free stock images with no setup fees or software to download. It’s mobile-friendly and even includes free hosting.

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Quick Shopping Cart

With Studio902’s three versions of Quick Shopping Cart – Economy, Deluxe and Unlimited – you can customize the features and proportions of your web store to any size online enterprise. With free hosting and hundreds of design and color combinations, simple catalog setup, multiple payment and shipping options, coupons, up-sells, and featured products, you can create a great-looking webstore with all the features you need to accept online orders, manage fulfillment and provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience.

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SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL Certificates create an encrypted connection between a website and its visitors’ computers,  establishing trust that the website is secure and that information entered on the site will not be intercepted or compromised. SSL Certificates don’t prevent websites from being hacked, but information accessed by hackers is rendered unintelligible and useless by the strong encryption the protocol provides. For security purposes, most websites should be protected by SSL Certificates because Google has already begun penalizing websites that don’t use encryption.

What Are You Doing With Your Website?

No matter what kind of website you want to have, Studio902 Web Solutions has an option to meet your needs. Is it going to be an informational site? The Website Builder is great for creating a site that promotes your organization or company. Are you selling stuff? Quick Shopping Cart is probably your best choice. Do you need a high level of interaction with your audience? Maybe you need a Managed WordPress Blog and Website. Whatever direction you want to take your online presence, Studio902 Web Solutions is here to help. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.


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