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Website Design

We can design you or your business a complete website at a relatively lower cost than the larger website design companies.  We can build you a “static” site with a separate mobile website or we can build you a “responsive” website that is mobile and Google friendly.

Below are a few snapshots of our current clients as well as former clients websites.

Website Maintenance

Studio902 Web Solution offers a variety of basic maintenance and hosting plans, or we can design a custom plan to meet more extensive needs. If your site is not current, has broken links, lacks relevant content, is not regularly updated or is otherwise in need of maintenance you have probably experienced a drop in traffic and have lost the interest of your target market. Studio902 Web Solutions’ website maintenance and hosting plans help you maintain your connection to your clients by helping you keep your site relevant, updated and dynamic. Our pricing is based on a value platform designed to keep our services within the reach of any small to mid-sized business.

Our “Never Expire” guarantee prevents your domain and hosting from expiring. You will never see a domain or hosting renewal notice because we’ve got you covered!

Please note that the maintenance packages, below, are currently under revision so please call for pricing.

* These rates are for current Studio902 Web Solutions clients only. If we did not design your site and you would like us to maintain it, please give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.

For Subscription Details of our Yearly Maintenance and Hosting, please click here.

What Do You Want Your Website To Say About Your Company?

The successful design of a website involves many elements, and nothing speaks louder than the first impression. It’s the one-to-three-second interval that elapses when a potential customer lands on your home page and decides whether to click away (called a “bounce”) or stick around and check out the rest of your pages to see what you have to offer. Try writing out your “elevator speech” – what you would tell a stranger who asks what your company does – and try it out on a few people. If they agree that it has a good “hook” that will keep them interested in doing business with you, or at least explore more, that’s a good start. Then figure out what that would look like in visual form, and you are on your way to creating a compelling website.


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