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Tim's Wake-up Call

In case any of you have felt like our weekly email newsletters came to an abrupt halt, I want to take a moment to clarify what was actually going on… They stopped. Well, they kind of stopped. It was actually more like a 3-week pause, not a complete halt.
Here’s what happened: Continue Reading

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End of an Era - March 6

After a decade of using Serif WebPlus to build our clients websites we have found that the affordable and easy-to-use software suite has been discontinued and will no longer be supported. We saw this coming for a while and – as such – spent no small amount of time deciding which platform Studio902 Web Solutions would utilize for both our existing as well as new customers going forward. Continue Reading

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The Best Way to Start a New Business - February 27

Whether you are just considering starting a new business or have already established your business but never incorporated or set up an LLC to provide legal isolation between your company resources and your personal assets, Launch by Legal Shield is the superior vehicle to accomplish your goal. Continue Reading

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Access to Legal Counsel - No Longer Just for the Wealthy - February 21

If you’ve ever signed a legal contract, you know that they’re filled with jargon that’s frequently too complex for the layman to understand. So, rather than send the document to an attorney to review first, you “sign on the dotted line” in spite of at least one reservation that there may be a tricky clause or stipulation that’s not in your best interest and tips the scales in favor of the other party. Continue Reading

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"Which Do You Want First? The Good News or the Bad News?" - February 13

“Which do you want first? The good news or the bad news?” We’ve all received a call like that or heard those words spoken to us regarding serious situations in our lives, be it in a medical setting, a legal setting, a business setting or just in life circumstances. Continue Reading

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What is Appreciation Marketing and How Can I Use It? - February 08

I couldn’t have said it better than the author of this article: “Savvy entrepreneurs understand that customer service remains a key factor in the success of their small businesses, even in the digital age. Appreciation Marketing combines elements of excellent customer service with marketing techniques to build strong relationships with consumers. Continue Reading

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"Business Solutions" and "Disruptive Innovations" - January 23

Last week’s newsletter barely touched on the biggest change in Studio902’s 10-year history: the transition from being a “Web Solutions Provider” to becoming “Your Business Solutions Provider”  Continue Reading

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Happy New Year 2018 Newsletter - January 16

2017 is behind us and 2018 is poised for us to make of it whatever of it we will. The owners of Studio902 Web Solutions would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Our desire is that we become a valuable partner to you as we help you grow your business and your online presence.  Continue Reading

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