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Monthly Maintenance & Hosting Plans

the word hosting in front of computer serversStudio902 Web Solution offers a variety of basic maintenance and hosting plans, or we can design a custom plan to meet more extensive needs.  If your site is not current, has broken links, lacks relevant content, is not regularly updated or is otherwise in need of maintenance you have probably experienced a drop in traffic and have lost the interest of your target market. Studio902 Web Solutions' website maintenance and hosting plans help you maintain your connection to your clients by helping you keep your site relevant, updated and dynamic. Our pricing is based on a value platform designed to keep our services within the reach of any small to mid-sized business.

We take the maintenance of your web site off your shoulders and put it on ours!

Our "Never Expire" guarantee prevents your domain and hosting from expiring. You will never see a domain or hosting renewal notice because we've got you covered!

Our three most popular maintenance and hosting plans:

Plan One

Single Page Web Site - even a simple, single page site needs to be well maintained, attractive, engaging and relevant. Perhaps it's just a page for an event or an advertisement for a limited array of services - it doesn't matter! If your visitors come to your page for information, it better be current, engaging and up to date.

Check out the features of this most basic plan.

Plan Two

2 to 5 Page Web Site - the more pages you have, the more there is to coordinate and maintain. We take the hassle out of keeping all the links going to the right places, making sure the site navigation is correct and re-submitting your site map to Google. We help you keep it all together and all relevant.

If your site is between 2 & 5 pages, you need this service.
Learn more about the features of
this plan.

Plan Three

6 to 15 Page Web Site - larger sites attract more visitors and need even more maintenance, but our fees for this services remain affordable and within reach for any small business or organization. We have a lot of content to work with, so we are continually thinking of ways to leverage each page's content to form a cohesive message with the whole site.

Learn more about the robust features of this more comprehensive plan.

STILL want to Do-It-Yourself? If you have the skill, ability and motivation to design and program your own site, you will find everything you need by following the link below.

Complete Suite of Self-Service Options

Plan Options
Company E-Mail Address

Sign up right here!* You DO need a PayPal account to set up these recurring payments. You will receive a confirmation email and instructions after you have finished making your payment.

* These rates are for current Studio902 Web Solutions clients only. If we did not design your site and you would like us to maintain it, please give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.

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