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Studio902 Web Solutions, through our website, offers World-Class Customer Support. However, in order to receive the most up-to-date customer service by phone from Studio902, you simply need to be registered. If you are already a Studio902 Web Solutions client, you are already registered.

For new/potential clients:
Registering does not obligate you to buy anything. It just assures that you will be receiving support from a Studio902 representative. It’s a very simple process and only takes a minute.

  • Go to
  • Just a little to the right of the black “Log In” button is a link that says “Create Account” click that link.
  • You will come to a plain page with a “Create Account” form. Fill it out and write down what you entered in each field. You will need this information later.
  • A few minutes after registering you will receive an email with your account number. Store that number along with the email, password, and pin you created.
  • Now that you’re registered, you can go back to, look at the main page just above the navigation bar and you will see our Customer Service phone number right above the search window.
  • When you call that number you will be asked your Customer Number and your PIN. With that information, a helpful and friendly Customer Service Representative will be happy to answer any question about our products and services and help you select the options best suited for your unique needs.

For existing clients:

  • You will need your Customer Number and your Call-in Pin.
  • If you have your Customer Number and your PIN handy, just call our Customer Service Number which appears right on our main menu next to “24/7 Sales & Support”.
  • If you don’t have your Customer Number and Call-in Pin, you can get it online on our website:
  • Go to and log in using your User Name or Customer Number plus your Password.
  • Once logged in, you will see your name on the upper right-hand side of the screen, next to a silhouette of a person’s head and shoulders. Click the “down” arrow next to your name to reveal your Customer Number.
  • Right above your Customer Number will be a link to your “PIN”, saying “View”. Click that link. In the section headed “Support PIN” you will see your Current PIN.
  • With those two pieces of information in hand, click the “Studio902” link at the top of the page to go back to our main page.
  • Call our Customer Service Number which appears right on our main menu next to “24/7 Sales & Support”.



Customer Service is Just a Call Away!

If you have a question about anything on the website, just email us by using our Contact Form or you can text or call the number in the grey bar at the top of our page. We usually respond in 24 hours or less.

But if you need fast responses to our products and services on, call the number in the upper right side of the home page just above the menu bar and tell the rep who answers that you are calling to talk to someone about the products on the Studio902 Web Solutions page. OR you can use the steps to register for a customer number and receive even more personalized assistance.


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