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Dedicated IP

In a server environment, it is not uncommon with basic hosting for more than one entity or company to share the same IP address. The server’s file system keeps your content separate from other companies sharing the IP address. When another user on the server misbehaves and gets blacklisted for spamming or any other nefarious activity, the entire IP address – all the shared users (not just that specific violator) – are penalized.
A dedicated IP address protects your website from that fate because it gives your company a different IP address than the others on the same server. If someone else on the same server has their IP address blocked or blacklisted, yours remains safe. Dedicated IP addresses are also generated when SSL certificates are purchased because the SSL certificate will need to protect a single IP.
Studio902 Web Solutions recommends adding a Dedicated IP address at the time you set up your website or blog.

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Virtual Private Server

The primary benefit of using a Studio902 Web Solutions Virtual Private Server is increased reliability. Imagine a stack of dominos. Shared hosting is like that because many, many businesses are loaded onto one web server. Your website’s performance and uptime can be impacted by other websites on the server. If you are using your website for business, slow performance will affect the quality of your customers’ experiences on your website. Other benefits include total control over your server environment, energy efficiency, and instant scalability. Compared to your own in-house server or a dedicated server, the cost savings can be substantial. Available in either Linux or Windows with 5 different levels of storage and correspondingly larger memory capacities we have a VPS to meet every need.
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Dedicated Server

One step above Virtual Private Servers are Dedicated Servers. A Dedicated Server is similar to renting a palace when you’re the only tenant: lots and lots of room. Usually executed when a website generates tens of millions of hits per day, a Dedicated Server provides exclusive use of all the assets of the computer that houses it which is configured with Web Server software and other apps to support it. Set up for total flexibility and control by the user, scalability, security, access, and speed are benefits of this configuration.
Studio902 Web Solutions’ Dedicated Server offering is available in either Linux or Windows with 5 different memory capacities and 4 different levels of storage. Mirrored drives preserve your important data and Self Managed, Managed or Fully Managed options. Click the buttons below to learn more or purchase now.

More About Advanced Server Options

Because there are so many choices and variables regarding Dedicated Hosting IP, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers you may want to speak with one of our courteous and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives.

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