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Studio902 Web Solutions – The Company

At Studio902 Web Solutions we have a passion for small business.  Providing domain name registration and hosting at an economical cost to our clients is our highest priority.  Whether you want to “do it yourself” with our Website Builder, create your own dynamic WordPress Site or Blog, or have us build your website from scratch, we’ve got what you need right here.

Our company was founded by taking the web design experience we gained from running our own successful online sales company and applying it to develop solutions for other small business, associations, agencies, and individuals.  We’ve been “in the trenches”, in the same place many of our potential clients now are, trying to figure out how to develop an effective online presence on a budget.  We provide value by focusing on what is important to you and offering a low-cost solution.

Keeping your website secure, relevant, mobile friendly and current is the responsibility of the business owner, and we help you make that a reality.  At we provide you with the tools to have online success.  Our 24/7/365 team of sales and support professionals will guide you to the proper products and services to nurture and grow your online presence.

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Meet The Owners of Studio902

We’re Tim & Cindy Mrva, Co-Owners of Studio902 Web Solutions. We have been married for 38 years and have 3 children – 2 daughters and a son, and three grandchildren – 2 girls and a boy. Tenacity, faith, integrity, and ethics are values we hold dear and the longevity of our marriage is a testament to that. We always endeavor to bring these values into our business practices as well, giving our customers the best possible advice and the most value we can, even if that has occasionally meant referring them to someone better suited to serve them in their unique situation.

We got our start in the internet market in 1997 by building a memorial website for a recently departed relative, hard-coding personal websites and building a website in 2000 for our church in Central Illinois. In 2005 we established an online web store selling Christian T-shirts and gifts. Leveraging the experience we gained from our early website building efforts and managing a web store on the “front lines” of the competitive online sales world we established Studio902 Web Solutions with our first major client in 2009. While we focus on small business, we serve all sizes and types of organizations.

A Little Bit More About Studio902

When you come to our company for a domain name, web hosting, WordPress hosting, SSL Certificates, Express Email Marketing or any of the other exceptional products or services we offer, you may never talk personally to us. That’s because most transactions and interactions with Studio902 can be accomplished through our web store at or via telephone with our Customer Service Department. However, if you need personal service to help you build a dynamic web presence or sign up for one of our other services you can call us, email us, conference with us or meet with us! We’re real people, just like you, and we don’t hide behind a website, with no way to reach the principals.


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